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Nailing It
April 30, 2010, 1:43 am
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Chicago Street Theatre February 4, 2010
During intermission of the opening night performance of “The Pillowman,” a fellow walked up to me with money in his hand. He said “I want to give you this donation, but only if you promise to produce more shows like this one.”Yes sir, I can promise that – we have such great respect for important works such as “Letters Home,” “Coyote on a Fence,” “Doubt” and “The Pillowman” – it is both our honor and a certain artistic calling to bring them to you.

We had a full house on opening night and every single person I spoke with was buzzing with excited observations and conversation. Seriously, it is a thrill to witness a piece of art that brings you close to each of its characters and surprises you with new information and plot twists throughout your stay in our auditorium. To tell you not to miss this show seems too trite… so instead, I’ll suggest you not miss the experience currently playing on our stage.

AS I WAS TYPING THIS LETTER, I received an email from a patron who saw the show this weekend. I’m sharing a bit of it here (I kid you not, this just arrived):

To Whom It May Concern:

On Saturday January 30, 2010 , my wife and I had the privilege of seeing one of the FINEST performances we have ever seen.

…Timmy Gleason and Josh Eggleston were both exceptional in their performances; [they] brought life and a high standard of acting to their characters. With Timmy Gleason’s character being involved in every aspect of the play he had to hit his mark at every turn. Timmy not only hit the mark he absolutely nailed it.

Over the years we have seen many plays with local and/or national talents and this was truly one of the finest performances of acting that we have seen in many years!

There you go – I couldn’t have said it better.

See you soon!

Donna Blanchard
Managing Director
Sponsored by Bang Bang Beauty and Boutique

P.S Director, Traci Brant continues her Director’s Blog on our “Pillowman” page and we’ve begun a new Teen Artist blog on the “Ascension Day” page. Enjoy the peak behind the forth wall.

P.P. S. I would love to have included links to those blogs in the above paragraph, but the email system we currently use won’t let me (it erases everything that comes after “.com, net and org”). The folks at Vendini tell me they’re working on this problem and should have it solved within the next couple of months. Until then, please don’t think I’m too lazy to insert hyperlinks! You can click on the show links below… those will take you to the specific show pages.


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